Squid Ink Universal Grip Brush

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The Squid Ink Universal Grip Brush is the ideal tool to deep clean and refresh upholstery, fabric seats, soft tops, mats and tyres

It has a well designed ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip and comfortable to use. The bristles are tough enough to provide a deep clean, but gentle enough to prevent damage. We use this tool on our own MX5 rag top which helps keep it in great condition.



1. Spray Squid Ink APC liberally over area to be cleaned. (Pre rinse soft tops before applying APC).

2. Gently scrub the area in a forwards and backwards motion with the brush.

3. Once cleaned, wipe off excess APC with a clean microfibre, or carefully rinse soft top and allow to air dry.

Note, don't use a pressure washer close to a soft top as this can damage the fabric. Also be careful not to scrub the rubber side of the brush on the roof as it could mark.