Squid Ink Car Waxes - Winter Prep

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Squid Ink Car Waxes - Winter Prep

We often hear people mention that car wax is becoming obsolete and is an 'old school' product. We disagree entirely, especially during the poor winter weather that we have been experiencing recently in the UK.

Modern sealants certainly have their place, but car wax is also a very useful product to use in the winter for a number of reasons. It can help protect your car's paint from the harsh elements of winter weather, such as snow, ice, and road salt. This is because car wax forms a sacrificial barrier on the surface of your car's paint, which can help prevent these elements from coming into direct contact with the paint and causing damage.

In addition to protecting your car's paint, car wax can also help improve the appearance of your car. A good wax delivers a rich, glossy, shiny finish that is resistant to water and other substances that may cause your paint to become dull or fade. Wax can help your car look its best, even in the middle of winter.

Car wax can also help make it easier to clean your car during the winter. Because it forms a protective barrier on the surface of your car's paint, it can help prevent dirt, grime, and other substances from sticking to the paint. This can make it easier to remove these substances when you wash your car, and can help prevent them from causing scratches or other damage to the paint.

Overall, using car wax in the winter is a great way to protect your car's paint from the harsh elements of winter weather and to keep it looking its best. It's a simple and affordable way to take care of your car, and can help ensure that it stays in good condition for years to come.

Squid Ink Detailing manufacture all of our waxes in house to our very own tried and tested blends. We only use the highest quality ingredients available and are always researching and testing the latest waxes, polymers, solvents and oils. Our waxes are made with ease of use in mind. When applied properly they are effortless to apply/remove and leave levels of gloss that simply cannot be matched by most modern sealants.

We would love to hear from any car groups or businesses who are looking into creating their own unique blend of wax. This is something we can easily accommodate, such as this beautiful 'Jelly Bean' scented wax that we commissioned for The Motorist recently.

If you've not tried our waxes yet then you are definitely missing out. Ensure your pride and joy stays well protected and looking it's best during the colder months of winter. 

Grab a pot of Squid Ink wax online today, starting from just £14.99!