Squid Ink Crystalline Glass Cleaner

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Squid Ink Crystalline is our premium fast acting interior and exterior glass cleaner. Crystalline quickly and efficiently removes dirt, grime, grease, finger marks, nicotine, vape haze, flies, adhesives and traffic film.

Crystalline is easy to use, simply spray a small amount onto the surface, wipe clean and buff with a dry cloth. A small spray of Crystalline leaves a crystal clear, smear free finish on glass and plastic surfaces.  

This high performing, pleasantly scented, liquid glass formula effortlessly lifts dirt, cleans and polishes without leaving streaks or residue.

As with all Squid Ink Detailing products, a little goes a very long way. There really is no need to use much of this to get outstanding results. Crystalline is a must have in the kit bag.

Safe to use on glass windows, windscreens, mirrors, and most plastics. 

Our 500ml bottles of Squid Ink Crystalline are now supplied with a screw cap and a Squid Ink Pro-Trigger worth £1.49.


Shake well before use. 

  1. Mist sparingly on glass surface. 
  2. Wipe with clean Squid Ink Fishscale glass cloth to remove dirt.
  3. Buff with clean Squid Ink Octoplushy, Purple Haze or Weever Microfibre. 
  4. Admire crystal clear finish. 

Do not use in direct sunlight or hot conditions. 

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Danger, keep out of reach of children and animals. Causes skin irritation and can cause serious eye damage. If product enters eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If ingested, seek medical attention. Always wear eye protection/appropriate PPE and take care when handling chemicals. Full MSDS available on our website.