Squid Ink Satyre Tyre Dressing

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Squid Ink Satyre is our premium silicone based tyre dressing that leaves a natural, satin finish.

It offers protection against traffic film, moisture and dust whilst safeguarding against UV damage. This helps prevent surface cracks caused by ageing.

This water based emulsion is effortless to apply and won't sling like a lot of gel based products. 

Satyre can also be used to enhance exterior plastic trims. If a more durable finish is needed, we would recommend Squid Ink Plasti-Guard which will last several months.


Shake well before use. 

  1. Ensure tyre is clean and dry. 
  2. Mist sparingly on Squid Ink Tyre Crescent. 
  3. Wipe onto tyre wall. 
  4. Leave to air dry for a smooth, completely transparent finish. 

Do not use in direct sunlight and protect from freezing. NEVER use on tyre treads. 

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Keep out of reach of children/animals and take care when handling chemicals. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothingThis product is not subject to identification regulations under EU Directives.