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Squid Ink HD Pure is our ultra-concentrated, non-glossy vehicle shampoo. The scent is absolutely delightful, identical to traditional Parma Violet sweets.

This product is PH neutral and doesn't contain any gloss enhancers or waxes. This means it won't leave any residue or modify protection from existing waxes or sealants. 

HD Pure is a highly viscous shampoo with a dilution ratio of around 2,000:1. This shampoo delivers thick suds, effortlessly removes dirt and grime and glides across the panel. with ease It has been formulated exclusively for Squid Ink Detailing so you won't find this one anywhere else.

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Shake well before use:

1. Add shampoo to bucket , use from just 5ml per 10 litres.

2. Add warm water, thoroughly mix the product.

3. Wash vehicle with soft mitt using the 2 bucket method.

4. Rinse with clean water, towel dry



Keep out of reach of children. Can cause skin irritation and serious eye damage. Always wear appropriate PPE when handling chemicals. Full safety data sheets are available on our website.

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Amazing shampoo, very nice lubrication , smells great