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Squid Ink Ultimate QD is our flagship rapid quick detailer. Simply spray on, wipe off and buff to leave a luscious deep, just waxed shine. The glossy wax finish delivered by our Ultimate QD is outstanding.

Squid Ink Ultimate QD contains an advanced blend of polymers, Carnauba and Nano wax which encapsulates dirt and lifts it away from paint, meaning it won't leave scratches or swirl marks.

Squid Ink Ultimate QD is perfect for taking to car shows, meets or events when the drive there has dirtied the car slightly. It can also be used as an LSP (last step product) after waxing, or in between full washes to keep your pride and joy in tip top condition. 

Not only is Squid Ink Ultimate QD an excellent quick detailer, it's actually specifically manufactured to be used as a 'waterless wash' product. If using this way, ensure plenty of product is sprayed onto the panel, clean microfibres are used to remove dirt, and another plush microfibre is used to buff. Do not use this method if the car is covered in caked on mud, sand or other abrasives.

You'll be amazed at the water beading and sheeting properties of this hugely versatile product. A must have for anyone who takes pride in their vehicle.

Our 500ml bottles of Squid Ink Ultimate QD are now supplied with a screw cap and a Squid Ink Pro-Trigger worth £1.49.

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Our 5 litre containers are available with tamper proof cap (trigger not supplied with 5 litre option). Always keep out of reach of children and animals and take care when handling chemicals. The MSDS can be found online.

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Michael Murray
Best detail spray

A quality shine on my car from this product .


Best quick detailer ever




Without doubt the best quick polish I’ve ever used, and I’ve been in the motor trade for more than 30 years.