Squid Ink Wet-Seal - Nano Sealant

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Squid Ink Wet-Seal is our extremely hydrophobic 'spray on rinse off' nano sealant that protects paintwork, wheels and plastics for several months.

Wet-Seal is easy to use, simply lightly mist over a clean panel with the Pro-Trigger provided, then pressure wash off. This 'wet sealant' immediately leaves a strong layer of PH resistant protection and an added layer of gloss. Once applied you will notice water beading and sheeting from the surface immediately.


1. Clean and decontaminate vehicle before use

2. Sparingly mist Wet-Seal onto one or two wet panels at a time.

3. Rinse off with pressure washer.

4. Repeat with another coat for added durability (optional).

4. Dry immediately with Squid Ink Fire Coral drying towel.

Top tip, we've found that spreading the sealant with a wet microfibre before rinsing off can prolong durability even further.


This type of nano sealant is not suitable for use on warm surfaces, in direct sunlight or in hard water areas. If unsure, check your water hardness online. Do not use on wrapped or matte finishes. Avoid use on windscreens.

Using in a hard water area may result in water spots as the product can bond with minerals and calcium in the water. These spots can be removed with quick detailer or polish. For this reason, Wet-Seal is manufactured with a top quality demineralised water.

If you live in a hard water area, Squid Ink Pro-Seal is a more suitable option which is applied by foam cannon.

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Keep out of reach of children, this product can cause serious eye irritation. Always take care and wear appropriate PPE whilst handling chemicals. Full MSDS can be found online.