MX-5 North Wales Custom Car Wax - Limited Edition

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Squid Ink Detailing have been busy creating this limited edition custom car wax for the MX-5 North Wales Car Group. 

The wax contains a beautiful blend of natural and synthetic waxes, a combination of carrier oils and a top quality solvent. It has an incredible custom 'Cherry Cola' scent and is finished in a light shade of red.


1. Pre wash car with Snow Foam or Citrus Pre-Wash

2. Shampoo car to clean

3. Optional - decontaminate paint with fallout remover/clay/tar and glue remover

4. Optional - polish with All-in-One Polish

5. Spread thinly with a foam applicator, leave to cure for around 5 minutes, buff off with clean, dry microfibre.

A coat of this wax will protect paintwork for several months and leave a fantastic Squid Ink shine. 

Keep out of reach of children, MSDS Available on request.

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