Squid Ink Ultimate QD Sample Bottle (100ml)

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You asked, we've made it happen. Our Squid Ink Ultimate QD is available in 100ml sample bottles.

Squid Ink Ultimate QD is our premium quick detailing solution. We've tested many quick detailers over the years and this is by far our favourite. Simply spray on, wipe off and buff to leave a luscious deep, just waxed shine.

These mini bottles of Squid Ink Ultimate QD are perfect for taking to car shows, meets or events when the drive there has dirtied the car slightly. It can also be used as an LSP (last step product) after waxing, or in between full washes to keep your pride and joy in tip top condition.

Squid Ink Ultimate QD contains an advanced blend of polymers, Carnauba and Nano wax which encapsulates dirt and lifts it away from paint, meaning it won't leave scratches or swirl marks. You'll be amazed at the beading and sheeting properties of this product - a must have for anyone who takes pride in their vehicle.

These handy 100ml sample bottles are an absolute bargain at only £2.99. 

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