Squid Ink APC - 100ml

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Squid Ink APC is our extremely versatile multi surface cleaner. It leaves surfaces refreshed, revitalised and spotlessly clean.

This APC is gentle enough to use on fabrics such as soft tops and interior upholstery, but strong enough to remove stubborn ingrained dirt such as brake dust, oil residue, road grime, tree sap and bird lime.

It is suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces, including vinyl/fabric, soft tops, carpets, leather, paintwork, alloy wheels, glass, engine bays, door shuts, rubber, plastic and metal.


Spray onto area to be cleaned, wipe with a cloth to remove dirt and buff with a clean microfibre. A little agitation can be applied on alloys, engine bays or soft tops to remove tough grime.

Avoid use on suede or similar finishes, always test an inconspicuous area before extensive use.

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Keep out of reach of children, always handle chemicals with care and use appropriate PPE.