Squid Ink Detailing Citrus Pre Wash - 100ml

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Squid Ink Citrus is our powerful concentrated pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on most surfaces and highly dilutable. It's citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans in one application, meaning less dirt remains on the vehicle for the contact stage of your wash.

The lower part of your vehicle's bodywork is the most susceptible to the toughest road grime and dirt. Squid Ink Citrus effectively removes stubborn traffic film, flies, oil and general dirt. It is suitable for vehicle bodywork and engine bays. Simply dilute to the required solution, spray on to the area to be cleaned, leave to dwell until dirt lifts, and rinse with water.


Dilute this product with water to the following ratios:
Heavy soiling -1:1
Medium soiling - 4:1
Light soiling - 8:1

Dilute as required and apply to vehicle, leave to dwell for a short time then rinse. Advisable to apply to wet vehicle. Do not allow to dry on any surface, do not use in direct sunlight and take extra care in warm weather. Test on small inconspicuous area before extensive use.

Do not use Citrus on wraps or delicate surfaces, including bare metals or highly polished wheels. If unsure, always use PH neutral products or get in touch for advice.

Citrus is designed to be diluted into a separate spray bottle. The product is supplied with a screw cap only, trigger not included.

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Keep out of reach of children. Causes skin irritation and serious eye damage. Always wear suitable PPE and take care when handling chemicals. Full MSDS available on our website.