Squid Ink Satyre - 100ml

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Squid Ink Satyre it's our premium rubber and plastic enhancer.  We absolutely love the finish and ease of use of this product, we've used it ourselves for years and are proud to have it in our range of premium products. 

Squid Ink Satyre revives and restores dull tyres and faded exterior plastic trims, offering protection against traffic film, moisture and dust, whilst leaving a durable glossy sheenIt also safeguards against UV damage and helps prevent surface cracks caused by ageing. 

This specially formulated, deliciously scented product is environmentally friendlyeffortless to use and extremely economical. As with all Squid Ink Detailing products, a little goes a very long way. 

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Shake well before use. 

  1. Ensure tyre or trim is clean and dry. 
  2. Mist sparingly on applicator pad. 
  3. Wipe tyre wall or plastic trim. 
  4. Leave to air dry for a smooth, completely transparent finish 

Do not use in direct sunlight and protect from freezing, avoid contact with driving controls, foot pedals, steering wheel and floor coverings. NEVER use on tyre treads. 

Do not use on perspex or delicate plastic surfaces such as binnacles or headlight lenses, if in doubt, test on small inconspicuous area before extensive use. 

As with all chemicals, keep out of reach of children/animals and take care when handling chemicals. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothingThis product is not subject to identification regulations under EU Directives.