Karcher to 1/4" Quick Release Adapter

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Attention all Karcher K-Series owners!!

This quality adapter will convert your standard Karcher pressure washer to accept 1/4" quick release fittings, without the expense of buying a new trigger.

This adapter connects to your existing Karcher trigger, shortening the wand, making it more agile and easier to use in tight areas.

It also enables you to quickly switch between different angled spray nozzles and snow foam bottles.

The adapter can be purchased individually, or with  7 different spray nozzles. Save £2 of RRP if the nozzles are purchased as part of this bundle.

Pink - 0° (soap)

Blue - 0° (rinse)

Black - 0° (soap)

Red - 0° 

Yellow - 15° 

Green - 25°

White - 40°

Note: Connector can be tightened with a 20mm spanner if required.

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