Squid Ink Reacharound - Wheel Arch Cleaning Tool

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We find that cleaning wheel arches effectively is often challenging. Even with a short trigger, it's difficult to get the water jet to clean at the desired angle inside the arch.


We now have a solution, The Squid Ink Reacharound is our new 90 degree pressure washer tool. The male end of the tool connects into the 1/4" quick release coupler on your trigger. You then connect your chosen spray nozzle into the quick release coupler on the other end of the tool (plastic spray nozzles are required to use this tool).


The Reacharound alters the jet direction 90 degrees, enabling you to easily reach right under wheel arches, sills, splitters, bumpers or other tight areas. The tool measures 14cm in length, and approximately 7.5cm with width.


Once connected, the tool can be rotated, but it locks firmly into place when in use. We suggest familiarising yourself with it before using for the first time, it's powerful and can recoil.


This is an amazing addition to the Squid Ink range, we anticipate it will be very popular at just £12.99!

Available individually, or with a pack of our 7 quick release spray nozzles.