Squid Ink Sea Sponge Scrubbing Pads

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The Squid Ink Sea Sponge is our highly versatile, dual sided interior scrubbing pad. These pads can be used for various interior cleaning jobs including on plastic trims, door shuts or foot pedals. We also use them to tidy up the engine bay.

One side of the sponge is made with fine soft bristles which helps agitate and lift ingrained dirt and grime. Our Ready to Use All Purpose Cleaner works really well with the bristled side of the sponge. The other side is made from a soft microfibre material, which can be used to wipe away dirt and buff the area.

Take care if using on delicate materials, although the bristles are very soft, they are slightly abrasive. If in doubt, test on an inconspicuous area first. 

Clean using warm water and non bio detergent. Wring out the water and air dry.

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