Squid Ink Stowaway - Snow Foam Cannon Wall Mount

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The Squid Ink Stowaway is our innovative snow foam cannon wall mount. 

This extremely stylish, precision CNC machined mounting plate allows you to safely hang your quick release snow foam cannon using it’s 1/4” male fitting. This helps prevent damaging it when not in use. The versatile plate can be mounted anywhere, providing a stylish and very functional storage solution for your cannon. 

The Squid Ink Stowaway has been custom manufactured in the UK to our very own specifications using the highest quality Acetal Engineering plastic. Acetal is high strength, chemically resistant thermoplastic that has excellent wear properties.

We were the first to bring this type of mount to the UK and during R&D we quickly ruled out cheap materials often used in 3D printing. PLA is weaker, much less durable and leaves a far poorer finish than Acetal. More importantly, PLA will deform in warm temperatures which will cause issues during the summer months.

The Squid Ink Stowaway measures 100mm x 45mm (length x width) and comes with a very high quality Stainless Steel 1/4" quick release coupling. The kit also includes a pair of 30mm corrosion resistant, countersunk rifled shank wall fixings for installation. Various other fittings can also be used for different applications.

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