IK Foam Pro 2

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The IK Pro 2 is a handheld, chemical resistant, foam sprayer. It has a wide filling mouth, a modern ergonomic design, a 1.25 litre capacity, a depressurisable safety valve set at 3.5 bar, a newly improved sturdy base for greater stability, colour coded caps to identify the tank contents, storage area for the spare orafices and a safety lock on the opening/closing system. 

This improved version of the IK Pro comes with three colour coded mixers (orange, grey and green) which provide either a dry foam, an intermediate foam or a wet foam.

The IK Pro 2 will deliver a thick blanket of snow foam to the area being cleaned. It is also handy for applying wheel cleaner or even upholstery foam. 

It is an extremely well made, professional grade foam sprayer at a very affordable price. This sprayer isn't designed to replace a snow foam cannon, but is a useful alternative for smaller areas or when a jet wash isn't available. We expect these to sell well so grab one whilst they are in stock. 

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