Squid Ink All-In-One Polish

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Squid Ink All-in-One is our premium cherry glaze polish. This is incredibly easy to use polish contains a combination of mild abrasives, fillers, carnauba wax and polymers. This means that it offers light cutting, cleaning and finishing capabilities.

This polish will improve paint clarity, remove light swirls/water marks and temporarily fill small imperfections.

Squid Ink All-in-One is effortless to apply/remove, is manufactured with the latest non-dusting technology, has an incredible sweet cherry scent and leaves a very high gloss finish with added wax protection. It can be applied to paintwork by hand or with a DA polisher.


  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Wash and decontaminate paint thoroughly before application.
  3. Wipe onto area to be cleaned in circular motions or using DA.
  4. Leave to haze.
  5. Buff off with clean microfibre cloth.

Do not use in direct sunlight or hot conditions. Do not allow to dry on any surface. Do not use on wrapped or matt finishes. Avoid contact with plastics, staining may occur. Only suitable for exterior paintwork. 

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Keep out of reach of children and animals. Always wear eye protection/appropriate PPE and take care when handling chemicals. Not classified under EU directives. Read label before use.

Full Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found on www.squidinkdetailing.co.uk