Squid Ink Aquaphobe PTFE Infused Wax

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Introducing Squid Ink Aquaphobe, our exclusive and hugely popular PTFE infused Carnauba wax. This wax has taken two years to develop and it shows.

Aquaphobe is deep blue in colour with a luscious candy floss scent, it's very user friendly and suitable for all coloured cars and bikes. 

As the name suggests, Aquaphobe repels water with ease. Although it's technically a hard wax, it spreads more like a paste. When cured, it's effortless to remove and leaves an unrivaled level of gloss and long lasting protection. 

Aquaphobe needs to be applied to clean dry paint. Fully decontaminating your paintwork before application is advisable for better adhesion, wax will always bond better to clean and freshly decontaminated paint.

Directions for Use

Spread Aquaphobe thinly on one or two panels at a time using a dry foam applicator. Allow to cure for around 10-15 minutes before removal with a clean dry microfiber cloth. Aquaphobe is a very forgiving wax which is blended with high quality oils and solvents. Curing times for Aquaphobe are typically a little longer than our Tanzanite wax. Curing times will always vary depending on temperatures and humidity. Swiping the panel clean with a finger is a tell tale sign that it's ready to remove. 

Do not apply in direct sunlight and don't let it bake on.

Applying a second coat of Aquaphobe after 6-12 hours will facilitate polymerisation by locking together the PTFE content in the wax. This will enhance the gloss and aquaphobic qualities even further.


Keep this wax out of reach of children and always use PPE when handling chemicals. Keep cool, store below 20C and do not allow to freeze. Can cause serious eye irritation, rinse with copious amounts of water and seek medical assistance if irritation persists. If swallowed, seek urgent medical advice and do not induce vomiting.