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The Squid Ink Beach Bar is now open!

These quality air freshener sprays have been expertly blended in house at Squid Ink Detailing. They have been developed specifically to eliminate bad odours and leave behind a delightful lasting fragrance.

They contain strong concentrations of the highest quality fragrance oils, an extremely potent natural deodoriser and a powerful fixative for improved durability. The natural deodoriser we have used in the sprays will elimate bad odours, not just mask them and is typically used in industrial settings.


Melon & Berry Blast

Melon and Berry Blast delivers a delightful twist of the Caribbean. This scent lavishes Mango, fresh Strawberries and undertones of Melon.

Pina Colada Twist

Pina Colada Twist is an intense infusion of the Tropics. Scents of Hawaiian Pineapples with gentle undertones of fresh coconuts.

Jelly Bean Spritz

Jelly Bean Spritz is an explosion of sweet and fruity fragrances combined with light citrus undertones.

Cherry Cola Punch

Cherry Cola Punch delivers an intense sugary cola fragrance, infused with ripe juicy cherries.

Candy Floss Fizz

Candy Floss Fizz is a mouth-watering, sweet candy scented fragrance bustling with nostalgia.

Zesty Lemon

Zesty Lemon is the perfect combination of extra sweet citrus fragrances with undertones of delicate floral blossoms.


To freshen up your interior, spray several times into the vehicle footwell, onto the headlining, or into the air. You can also spray onto a cabin filter to distribute the scent evenly. These sprays can also be used very effectively around the home.

Avoid spraying directly onto dashboards, delicate plastics and don’t use on vehicle controls. Take care to avoid staining light fabrics. Sold in 100ml bottles with atomizer.

Safety Information:

Keep out of reach of children. Cap is a choking hazard. If product enters eyes rinse with plenty of water. Safety data sheet (MSDS) can be found on our website.

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