Squid Ink Froth Snow Foam 500ml

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Squid Ink Froth is our brand new premium snow foam concentrate. Froth contains powerful active cleaning agents, surfactants and foaming inhibitors.

Using a quality snow foam as part of your pre-wash routine greatly reduces the risk of swirl marks and scratches to the paintwork. 

Froth delivers a thick blanket of dense foam that breaks down dirt, road film and grime, which can then be safely and effortlessly rinsed away. 

Squid Ink Froth has a long dwell time and is very economical, 50ml of concentrate mixed with a 950ml warm water in a snow foam bottle will deliver excellent results.

Squid Ink Froth is PH neutral and safe to use on LSPs (Last Step Products), it is gentle to paintwork and safe to use on waxes and sealants.

Sold in 500ml bottles of concentrate - a quality snow foam lance is required to use this product. 


Shake well before use, concentration used will determine foam thickness. 

1. Pour 50ml-100ml Froth into a quality 1 litre snow foam bottle. 

2. Add warm water to fill, connect lance. 

3. Spray liberally on a pre-rinsed vehicle. 

4. Leave to dwell for around 10 minutes. 

5. Rinse vehicle with clean water. 

Always keep chemicals out of reach of children, wear appropriate PPE, can cause skin irritation and serious eye damage, rinse with water if product enters eyes and seek medical advice if ingested. Don't use in direct sunlight or leave to dry on vehicle.