Squid Ink HD Gloss Shampoo

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Squid Ink HD Gloss Shampoo is our premium cherry scented high gloss vehicle shampoo. It contains cleaning agents, surfactants and gloss enhancers which deliver a lovely clean finish.

This luxury, foamy shampoo can be used in various automotive applications. The high foaming action provides supreme lubricity to prevent swirl marks/marring to paintwork. It has a fantastic sweet cherry scent which is a firm favourite with our customers.

The PH neutral formula means it’s safe to use on waxes and sealants and will leave your vehicle looking slick and glossy. As with all Squid Ink Detailing products, our HD Gloss Shampoo is extremely economical.


Shake well before use:

  1. Pour approximately 20-30ml into large bucket
  2. Fill with warm water – blast bucket with jet wash to further enhance foam
  3. Apply to vehicle using a Squid Ink Sea Urchin Wash Mitt
  4. Rinse Vehicle with clean water
  5. Dry Vehicle with Coral Fire Twisted Loop Drying Towel 

To enhance gloss to another level and add wax protection, after the wash stage we suggest applying Squid Ink Ultimate QD to finish.

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Keep out of reach of children. If product enters eyes, wash with water. If ingested seek medical advice. Always wear appropriate PPE and take care when handling chemicals. MSDS can be found on our website.