Squid Ink Great Owl Twisted Loop Drying Towel (Large)

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The Great Owl is Squid Ink Detailing's hugely popular dual sided twisted loop drying towel. At a massive 1400 GSM this is the finest quality drying towel that you will find on the market.

Our drying towel is edgeless, extremely soft and super absorbent. It will leave your car spotlessly dry and won't smear like a lot of other drying towels. Simply throw over the area to be dried and either pat dry or drag over the panel.

This drying towel is the ideal size for most applications, measuring approximately 50x80cm.

These towels do not need to be washed very often as the car should be fully clean before using them. Simply hang up and air dry after use. They can be washed on a low heat with non bio detergent. Never use fabric softener and do not tumble dry.

These drying towels are extremely popular and will sell out fast.

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