Squid Ink Tanzanite Hybrid Car Wax (125ml)

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Squid Ink Tanzanite is back! Our massively popular hybrid wax has been painstakingly reformulated and is now manufactured from scratch in house by Squid Ink Detailing.

Tanzanite is an absolute bead monster, delivering the tallest water beads and strongest hydrophobics we've ever witnessed. The depth of gloss is unrivalled, it has been proven by gloss metre to increase gloss levels by 3-4 units on a machine polished panel.

Tanzanite has a soft resin like texture, meaning it spreads like butter. It contains a complex blend of four complimentary waxes, synthetic siloxane resins and high performing polymers. Expertly blended together, this stunning Cherry Bakewell scented wax offers protection for up to 6 months on well prepared paintwork.



1. Clean and fully decontaminate paint with Tar and Glue, Ferrous Xtract and Clay.

2. Apply a thin layer of Tanzanite to 2 panels at a time, out of direct sunlight or hot temperatures.

3. Cure time is approximately 5 minutes, do not overapply or leave on for too long.

4. Remove with tight weave microfibre and buff with Octoplushy.

Waxes ideally need to be kept cool, some avid wax collectors even keep their waxes in dedicated refrigerators. If Tanzanite gets warm, you may notice some of the polymers rise to the surface. This is perfectly normal, if this happens you can cool the wax in a refrigerator for 20 minutes and it will return to normal.

Keep out of reach of children, MSDS can be found online.

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It’s a very nice wax once you can get used to the application the wax prefers to be applied at lower temperatures when it’s warm the wax defo gets harder to apply