Squid Ink Cuttlefish - 200g Fine Clay Bar

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The Squid Cuttlefish is a Fine Clay Bar for use on light contamination that can't be removed with chemicals. Our clay bars are presented in a plastic box, a better option than metal tins that are likely to rust. 

A tell tale sign that your paintwork is suffering from contamination is a rough, sandpaper like texture even after washing.

Over time, various forms of contamination get lodged into your paint's clear coat. Tar & Glue and a bleeding fallout remover will break down a lot of this contamination, but not all of it. Our large 200 gram Squid Ink Cuttlefish Clay Bar is superb for removing lightly contaminated paint. It will eliminate paint overspray, tree sap, embedded tar, brake dust and any light industrial pollution.


Make sure your vehicle has been cleaned well and the largest tar spots have been removed with our Tar & Glue Remover. The heaviest Iron Oxide contamination should be removed with our Ferrous Xtract Fallout remover. Once a chemical decontamination has been completed, spray the panel with a suitable lubricant, ideally one that doesn't contain wax. A top tip here is to use a drop of our HD Pure Shampoo with warm water in a spray bottle. 

Break of a chunk of clay and flatten into a disc roughly the size of your palm. Warming the clay in your hands will make it more pliable. Warm water may help during colder months. Glide the clay disc over the well lubricated panel. You will feel the clay lifting out any remaining contamination and you will see it in the clay. Make sure you regularly fold the disc and re-flatten to reduce the risk of rubbing the contamination over the paint.

Once completed, rinse with water and dry. The paint will now feel as smooth as glass and is ready for polishing. Be extra careful not to drop the clay, and regularly fold to reduce the likelihood of scratching the paint. In most instances, you should only need to decontaminate your vehicle a few times a year at most.

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