Squid Ink Surge Si02 Wax (125ml)

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Squid Ink Surge is our mega hydrophobic SiO2 infused hybrid wax. It has taken us over a year to develop this complex wax, and it's an absolute belter!

Surge contains a combination of both natural and synthetic waxes that produce a deep rich gloss to paintwork. We have expertly combined the wax with 3 extremely hydrophobic silicone resins, polysiloxanes and an insanely hydrophobic Si02 additive that we've imported from Germany.

This is a wax that delivers wet look glossiness and extreme hydrophobics. Surge produces very tall, tight water beads, but also uniquely has a very low roll off angle. This means water effortlessly sheets off the panel even at low speeds.

A single coat of Squid Ink Surge will deliver strong hydrophobic protection to your paintwork for upwards of 4 months.

To top it off, Squid Ink Surge smells ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! We've paired it with a 'Snow Angel' fragrance that smells identical to the popular bath bombs. All we can say is this wax smells LUSH!!

In fact, Surge smells so good, due to popular demand we've created an identical air freshener using the same fragrance. Check out Squid Angel that compliments this wax perfectly. 


1. Clean and fully decontaminate paint with Tar and Glue, Ferrous Xtract and Clay.

2. Apply a thin layer of Surge to 2 panels at a time, out of direct sunlight or hot temperatures.

3. Cure time is approximately 3-5 minutes, do not overapply or leave on for too long.

4. Remove with tight weave microfibre and buff with Octoplushy.

Keep out of reach of children, MSDS can be found online.

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Fantastic wax, easy on and off, the car looks superb 👌