Squid Ink Jumbo UFO Wax Applicator

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The Squid Ink Detailing Jumbo UFO applicators are perfect for quickly applying our car waxes to large areas. They are made from a high quality, soft foam which allows you to effortlessly apply your wax in an even, thin layer.

Applying wax with a good applicator prevents product wastage and helps get the best results. The ergonomics of our Jumbo UFO applicator means they are easy to grip which reduces the risk of dropping them. 

Alternatively, they can also be used to neatly apply our Satyre Tyre Dressing or All in One Polish.

The large applicators measure 5.5" in diameter, with a 4" lip. Ideal for swiping pots of Squid Ink Tanzanite, Afterglow or any large pot of wax.