Squid Ink Tyre Brush

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The Squid Ink hard bristled tyre brush makes light work of deep cleaning dirty tyres.


Scrubbing your tyres with Squid Ink APC and a stiff brush is recommended as part of your wash routine. Tyre dressing will bond more effectively to clean tyre walls, which in turn makes it last longer.


Simply spray the tyre wall with APC, give it a good scrub with the brush and rinse with water. Several hits may be needed on particularly dirty tyres. Once clean and dry, apply either Squid Ink Satyre dressing or Squid Ink Tyre-Guard for longer lasting protection.


We've chosen this tyre brush as it's strong and ergonomically nice to hold. The brush head is approvimatley 4"x 3.5",  and it's around 9" in length

It's definitely worth having one of these in your kit bag!