Squid Ink Leather Cleanse

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Squid Ink Cleanse is our dedicated leather detergent that cleans and refreshes leather upholstery, trims and steering wheels.  

Our powerful formula safely cleanses and removes dirt and grime from delicate leather surfaces. Cleanse has a 'new leather' scent which leaves your interior smelling like new again. 

Squid Ink Cleanse has been a huge hit with professional detailers, proving itself in testing against far more expensive mainstream brands.


Vacuum or brush seats before application:

1. Wipe sparingly onto leather surface using an interior scrub pad/microfibre block

2. Use soft microfibre cloth such as our Octoplushy to remove any excess moisture.

3. Surface should be completely dry on completion.

4. We would highly recommend using our Leather Conditioner to finish.

Do not saturate or over apply. Leather cleanse is not suitable on suede or similar finishes. Always test on a small area before extensive use to ensure leather is colourfast and water resistant. 

Product is sold with a screw cap only, designed to be applied using an Deep Blue microfribre block, soft interior brush or similar.

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Keep out of reach of children and wear appropriate PPE when handling chemicals. Full MSDS (safety data sheets) are available on our website.